USM Haller Furniture System
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USM Haller Furniture System

The USM Haller Furniture System is one of the most important design classics of the 20th century. Well-known around the world, it has been produced unchanged for over fifty years, finding use in many domestic and work environments. In this issue of the form Design Classics Series, Klaus Klemp presents the developer of this modular furniture system, Swiss architect Fritz Haller, the early days of the USM company as well as the fascinating development of the ingenious ball joint – the ongoing international success story of a timeless icon of modern style.

form Design Classics Series
Design classics manifest the essence of their time, they stand for high aesthetic and functional standards, innovative use of materials, and style-defining elements. And they accompany our everyday life over generations. Since 1997, the form Design Classics Series has offered portraits of many icons of design history and in 2018 it is being relaunched with a new design concept by Verlag form, Frankfurt/Main.

October 2018, Verlag form, 48 pages, 14.8 x 20 cm, softcover, € 9.80, English edition ISBN 978-3-943962-67-3

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