Door Handle FSB 1144 by Jasper Morrison
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Door Handle FSB 1144 by Jasper Morrison

FSB 1144: Hidden behind this cryptic abbreviation is the cooperation between Franz Schneider Brakel and Jasper Morrison. In this issue of the form Design Classics Series, author Jasmin Jouhar recounts how, about 30 years ago, the British designer and the East-Westphalian hardware manufacturer developed a family of door handles together. FSB 1144 was not only Morrison’s first industrial job, but with it he also discovered a design attitude that would subsequently enter the annals of design history under the catchword Super Normal.

form Design Classics Series
Design classics manifest the essence of their time, they stand for styledefining elements, innovative use of materials, and high standards of aesthetics and function. They accompany our everyday life over generations. Since 1997, the form Design Classics Series has portrayed many icons of design history. Today, it is being continued with a new design concept by Verlag form, Frankfurt/Main.

October 2019, Verlag form, 48 pages, 14.8 x 20 cm, softcover, 9.80 €
German edition ISBN 978-3-943962-64-2
English edition ISBN 978-3-943962-63-5
€9.80 incl. VAT, excl. shipping costs
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