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On Display Package

Autostadt [car city] becomes design city. The idea has become a reality with the Design Display exhibition, where two different exhibits are confronted for four months in a pyramid-shaped glass case and are associated with a main theme. The aim is to stimulate dialogue and to develop an expanded design concept throughout the exhibition period. The On Display magazines (German/English) are published to accompany each exhibition. Each issue highlights a pair of exhibits in more detail and provides more background information with essays and interviews.

The bookcase Modern by Rafael Horzon and Jasper Morrison’s cutlery for Muji invite to examine simplicity in design in On Display 02. Julia Lohmann and Petra Blaisse’s projects offer readers an insight into experimental materials in On Display 03. On Display 04 gives you a glimpse of the Mexican design scene with Fernando Romero’s Border City project and Carla Fernández’ Vestido Cobra, which put reflections on socio-political issues at the heart of the design process. On Display 05 deals with the interplay of design and democracy. The sixth exhibition in the Design Display series and the accompanying magazine On Display 06 consider the question of transience and highlight two different perspectives. One perspective focuses on insights into an artistic and philosophical way of thinking and seeing, while the other looks at technical and economic paradigms associated with the theme of transience. On Display 07 is on the subject of car tuning. A total of ten tuning strategies are presented in this publication.

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