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On Display 03

On Display 03 looks at works by the designers, Julia Lohmann and Petra Blaisse, in parallel with the exhibition “Design Display” in the Autostadt [car city] in Wolfsburg. Both designers have developed new materials in research-driven experiments. While Julia Lohmann examines and communicates the potential of seaweed using various objects, Petra Blaisse presents the preliminary results of her research project, a prototype of her Solar Curtain that produces electricity. Both designers are presented in the magazine, as are both exhibits, complemented by information graphics, a series of images and the essay “Reducing Complexity in Design Research, Thinking, and Methodology” by William Myers.

Autostadt becomes design city. The idea has become a reality with the Design Display exhibition, where two different exhibits are confronted for four months in a pyramid-shaped glass case and are associated with a main theme. The aim is to stimulate dialogue and to develop an expanded design concept throughout the exhibition period. The On Display magazines (German/English) are published to accompany each exhibition. Each issue highlights a pair of exhibits in more detail and provides more background information with essays and interviews.
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