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On Display 01

On Display 01, the first exhibition series of Design Display, will begin taking 3D printing as its main theme. In this issue, the Raptor Hand Reloaded, the result of a community project, and the Bone Chair by Joris Laarman will be presented. It deals with prostheses and hybrid forms of life and the possibility of creating superhumans by means of technology. It also includes organic shapes in design and how they can be recreated with modern aids and models based on nature.

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Autostadt [car city] becomes design city. The idea has become a reality with the Design Display exhibition, where two different exhibits are confronted for four months in a pyramid-shaped glass case and are associated with a main theme. The aim is to stimulate dialogue and to develop an expanded design concept throughout the exhibition period. The On Display magazines (German/English) are published to accompany each exhibition. Each issue highlights a pair of exhibits in more detail and provides more background information with essays and interviews.
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