LOGO. Die Kunst mit dem Zeichen [Logo. The Art with the Sign]
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LOGO. Die Kunst mit dem Zeichen [Logo. The Art with the Sign]

A logo should be unmistakable, simple to recognise yet open to variations and, above all, timeless. You could say that designing a logo is high art. The concrete artist as logo designer, this relationship is examined both visually and in words by the art catalogue “LOGO. Die Kunst mit dem Zeichen” [Logo. The Art with the Sign] accompanying the exhibition of the same name (23 October 2016 to 19 March 2017) at the Museum für Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt. The catalogue highlights the historical development of different, well-known brands whose decrease in decorative elements in their logos is underlined, to the point of having characteristics that we also know from concrete art: basic shapes, signal colours and formal reduction. Represented are well-known logos and their designers, such as Karl Duschek for Messe Frankfurt, Wolfgang Schmittel for Braun, and Kurt Weidemann for the Deutsche Bahn. The catalogue is also supplemented by up-to-date articles and interviews by and with art historians, cultural scientists, designers, and brand designers. Divided into the sections “form”, “colour” and “word and image”, the catalogue depicts the visual theme in an exemplary and diverse way. The whole project was born from the intention of bringing design and concrete art closer together in the future.

Theres Rohde and Simone Schimpf, LOGO. Die Kunst mit dem Zeichen, German, Verlag Surface, Frankfurt/Main, December 2016, 114 pages, € 19.90, ISBN: 978-3-939855-44-6
€19.90 incl. VAT, excl. shipping costs
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