Inka – Gold. Macht. Gott.
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Inka – Gold. Macht. Gott.

Inca – Gold. Power. God. The catalogue bears the same name as the exhibition of 220 items. The exhibition is on show at the Völklinger Hütte premises and provides an insight into the advanced 3000-year-old Peruvian culture of the Incas and their predecessors. The main exhibits include gold and metalwork, textiles and ceramics, which arrived in Europe in the 16th century following the Spanish conquest of South America. The exhibition runs until 26 November 2017.

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Maria Meinrad Grewenig, Inka – Gold. Macht. Gott., German, Verlag Surface, Frankfurt/Main, May 2017, 296 pages, € 34.95, ISBN: 978-3-939855-47-7

€34.95 incl. VAT, excl. shipping costs
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