Im Haus der Dinge [In the House of Things]
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Im Haus der Dinge [In the House of Things]

We live our lives in the company of everyday objects, and amidst a visible and invisible network of interrelation- ships. But who here is working with, or against, whom? This is a book about things and their postmodern derivatives, about how they come across, and how we experience them. These things are at our service, and we, in turn, are at theirs; we give ourselves to them as we use them. We should, therefore, endeavour not simply to look at them with the user or viewer’s uncritical eye, but to investigate our relationship with them and their relationship with us: how are they using us while we are using them? Which party in this relationship is the subject and when? And which the object? These are the questions that Gert Selle comes back to time and again in the twenty-six chapters of this phenomenological exploration of things. The many accompanying drawings by illustrator Astrid Brandt, meticulously rendered in pencil hatching, reflect the wordless presence of objects in our world, emphasising our limited ability to understand them and their unbroken si- lence towards us, thereby making these artefacts seem doubly mysterious.

Gert Selle, Im Haus der Dinge, German, Verlag Surface, Frankfurt/Main, October 2015, 192 pages, 60 pencil drawings, soft cover, 9“ x 12“ inch, ISBN: 978-3-939855-37-8 39.90 EUR / 49.90 USD
€39.90 incl. VAT, incl. shipping costs
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