form Edition #3, “Wooden Object” by Kai Linke, 2015
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form Edition #3, “Wooden Object” by Kai Linke, 2015

*S O L D  O U T*

Kai Linke is the third designer, whose exclusive work is available in limited numbers as a form Edition at our shop. The manufacturing process of his wooden objects is also presented in form 261.

Linke’s works are the expression of continual experimentation with materials, shapes and manufacturing techniques – as is the Blasted product series. It uses the different hardnesses within wood grains that are manifested as reliefs when the wood is sandblasted. Linke has already used this technique in various projects and has used it once again for the third form Edition. The surface areas to remain intact were covered during sandblasting. Because of their characteristic wood grains, each of the 25 wooden objects in the Blasted F01 series is a unique piece.

Linke opened his own studio in 2009 once he had finished his studies in product design at University of Art and Design Offenbach. However, his work is not restricted only to products, he also designs exhibitions, interior spaces and objects for public spaces. He has already worked for Studio Makkink and Bey, and for the artists Tobias Rehberger and Tomás Saraceno and he designs lamps and furniture for international manufacturers. Since earlier in 2015, as an artistic member of staff with Jakob Gebert, he is passing on the experience he has garnered over the years to students at the Kunsthochschule Kassel in furniture design and exhibition architecture.

The wooden objects measure 297 by 419 millimetres, are made of spruce and have a hook on the rear side for hanging. The edition limited to 25 pieces is signed by hand and can be obtained for 100 euros including VAT, plus shipping.

Edited by Barbara Glasner.
€100.00 incl. VAT, excl. shipping costs
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