form Edition #1, risoprints by Sigrid Calon, 2015, Illustration 2
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form Edition #1, risoprints by Sigrid Calon, 2015, Illustration 2

We commissioned the Dutch artist, Sigrid Calon, to illustrate the latest issue of the magazine. She has created motifs for the cover and the articles in the Focus section of form 258. All five motifs can be acquired from today as limited edition risographs as one-offs or in series from our shop on form Edition.

Works by Sigrid Calon are distinguished by the minimalistic use of geometric shapes which she displays both flat and spatial and multi-layered and multi-coloured through various media. Characteristic of her work is also the way she translates her designs as risographs through which, similar to screen printing, multi-coloured matrices of dots can be achieved.

Calon has produced five motifs for the latest Focus Multiscreen, risographing them and digitalising them for the magazine. The motifs are now available as risographs on 300 gram Munken Pure paper in 50 copies, in a limited and signed form Edition. Illustrations 2, 4 and 5 include neon colour.

A single motif (34 by 46 centimetres) costs 49 euros including VAT plus postage. The complete series is available for 245 euros including VAT plus postage.
€49.00 incl. VAT,¬†excl.¬†shipping costs
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