Clic System by Burkhardt Leitner Modular Spaces
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Clic System by Burkhardt Leitner Modular Spaces

The clic system modular architecture system was designed in 1995 by the Stuttgart designer and entrepreneur Burkhardt Leitner. Since then, this iconic modular construction based on magnetic plug connections has developed into one of the most successful flexible lightweight construction systems in the field of trade fair and exhibition architecture. In this issue of the form Design Classics Series, author Georg Vrachliotis deals with the high functionality, modularity and minimalist aesthetics of this modern design classic. He also deals with the cultural history of systems and sheds light on the designhistorical context of the clic system.

form Design Classics Series
Design classics manifest the essence of their time, they stand for styledefining elements, innovative use of materials, and high standards of aesthetics and function. They accompany our everyday life over generations. Since 1997, the form Design Classics Series has portrayed many icons of design history. Today, it is being continued with a new design concept by Verlag form, Frankfurt/Main.

October 2019, Verlag form, 48 pages, 14.8 x 20 cm, softcover, € 9.80,
German edition ISBN 978-3-943962-66-6
English edition ISBN 978-3-943962-65-9
€9.80 incl. VAT, excl. shipping costs
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