Carlos Cruz-Diez. Color in Motion
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Carlos Cruz-Diez. Color in Motion

Carlos Cruz-Diez is a master of op art and considered a key figure of the 20th century in colour theory. True to his words that “Art and life cannot be separated because they are one and the same thing”, the Venezuelan artist creates many works and installations in public spaces that explore the effect of colours in movement, light influences, and visual phenomena.

“Carlos Cruz-Diez. Colour in Motion” is a current exhibition at the Museum für Konkrete Kunst Ingolstadt , showcasing a cross section of the artist’s works and colour studies. The specially created retrospective (light) installations and a colour labyrinth result in a unique artist presentation.

The exhibition runs until 16 September 2018 and the accompanying exhibition catalogue is available now.

Theres Rohde and Simone Schimpf, Carlos Cruz-Diez. Color in Motion, German, Verlag form, Frankfurt/Main, May 2018, 184 pages, € 39.90, ISBN: 978-3-943962-69-7
€39.90 incl. VAT, excl. shipping costs
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